Tuesday, 17 June 2014

April/May 2014 Hanbo Seminar at Bujinkan Tasmania Dojo.

Returning from a training weekend in Hobart with the Bujinkan Tasmanian Dojo and feeling truly inspired by the whole experience. On arrival I was amazed to see how Duncan and his group had setup their Dojo. It was like stepping back through the history and culture of Japanese martial arts, giving a full flavour and authenticity. The photos via Facebook and on the website don't do it justice, it’s definitely something you need to see for yourself.
Before we started training on Friday, I got to watch Duncan teach his ninja kids class, breaking down the fundamentals of what we study as adults into fun, easy steps. The kids love it and to be brutally honest, these kids have nailed their ukemi better than some adults! lol... In my opinion we all need to learn these basics before trying to move freely and that’s one of the focal points that Duncan teaches, adults and children alike.

Friday’s Kihon Happo was followed by Saturday’s Hanbo seminar, which were both fantastic classes. Each step was broken down perfectly to enable a clearer understanding of how to use the Hanbo correctly. From ukemi, angles, leaping and so on. Stemming back to the roots and source of it all. There was a lot to digest over the course of the day, however not once could I say I was bored – just motivated to learn more.

I’ve studied with Duncan many times, here in Australia and in Japan. Structurally I enjoy his style of teaching. He has a wealth of knowledge ready to share and for those who travel to Hobart to experience this won’t be disappointed. No matter what level you are at we should all stay open minded to learn from one another within the Bujinkan community with good hearts and no ego. Duncan used the word “shingaku” to describe just this.
It’s great to have Duncan back in Australia, he’s one of the great ambassadors of the art we study.

There are two seminars running May 17th (Hanbo) and June 14th (Bojutsu).
You’ll find handy accommodation directly across the road from the dojo.
I look forward to seeing you there…..

Gambatte and Keep Going

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