INSTRUCTOR of the Bujinkan Northern Beaches Dojo

Anthony Bray-Heta: Shidoshi

Anthony began training in the Bujinkan under Michael Gent and Travis Rapapa in 1991 (Maai Hyoshi Dojos). In 2000 while living in Europe he trained in Duncan Obly's dojo in Hammersmith London, returned to Sydney in 2004 where an introduction to Geoff Smith of Avalon continued his training for the next 2yrs. 2007 he was fortuante enough to meet Shihan Ed Martin from the US who was running seminars and sharing his perspective of the Bujinkan. This is where Anthony was awarded Yondan (4th Dan). Ed Martin said it was a must he attend Japan to sit the Godan (5th Dan) test.  So in 2008 when Anthony struck a friendship with Wayne Shennan he strongly influenced Anthony to attend training in Japan. Both Anthony and Wayne travelled to Japan for 2 weeks study with Hatsumi Soke, Nagato Sensei, Oguri Sensei, Senou Sensei and Noguchi Sensei. During this time Anthony sat the Godan test and passed.

Bujinkan Northern Beaches, Brookvale was established in 2008 teaching the art of Bujinkan.

Since 2008 I have been making my trips back to Japan for further study with the art and attending seminars with various Shihan within Australia and abroad.

Awarded 9th dan by Nagato Sensei in Japan 2013.

2015 Awarded Judan.